Our coaches are fully dedicated to The Next Level Experience's mission

They are determined to help kid's to be the best versions of themselves and to embrace authenticity. This is the most rewarding experience to have.

They are excited to get to know you and welcome you to The Next Level.

Gabriel Suppiah

The Next Level Specialist

Meet Coach Gabe at The Next Level camp. He is the fierce-looking nice guy! The mentor that inspires and drives the team with unbridled attention to detail. Join him at the basketball court as he enjoys hooping when he’s not coaching.

Ira Atiqah

The Learning Design Specialist

Coach Ira is the Campus Head. Her mission is to prioritise your child’s needs. She is a jolt of energy who never gives up and always comes through when you need her. Coach Ira is also a multitasking queen!

Rahul Dave

The Learning Design Specialist

Coach Dave is unafraid to pursue his dreams, and he will inspire you to do the same. He is a natural leader who brings camp to life! Coach Dave enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbeend and binge-watching his favourite TV show, FRIENDS.

Haresh Kumar

The English Officer

Meet Coach Haresh on Saturdays! He is the officer with a beaming smile who never fails to light up the room! He uses his life experiences to provide everyone with the space and opportunity to be their authentic selves.

Fareeha Amirah

The Early Childhood Specialist

Her passion is to educate students with a wide range of abilities and needs. The joy of witnessing kid's thrive in their daily activities and become better versions of themselves warms her heart the most. She is a go-getter!

Dr. Kathryn Murray

Early Childhood Specialist | Australia

She is an award-winning early childhood specialist who is a firm believer that kid's should be given the best possible start in life. She uses her 40 years of experience, research, and intuition to help kid's, educators, leaders, and parents become the best they can be.

Elvis Mimba Yuniseh

Educator | UAE/Cameroon

Author. Teacher. Coach. His experiences have shaped him into the person he is today. He believes that he is a product of the process and is still experiencing an even mightier process. The product of that doctrine is his published book— Trust the Process.

Paul Prasad D'cruz


From bookkeeper to self-made businessman with an exemplary work ethic, Coach Paul now devotes his time motivating young people to master the step-by-step methods to achieve goals. Apart from being the Social Emotional Learning Coach, he is a humanitarian with a simple goal: to provide a good meal daily to the underprivileged.